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Many times it’s the accessories that make the outfit, or the little quirky gift to make the party. We live for these little things in life to make us happy. Our Iphones, or Apple watches are prime examples of accessories we think we can’t live without. And we need cases for them all of course.

But most of all, we want to get a GOOD DEAL! Right?

All the little things in life can really add that something special to any situation. Accessories for your hair, bags for special occasions, shoes for that perfect touch for your outfit. A simple scarf or necklace can really make any shirt look nice. But no one wants to spend a ton of money to look cute. So we are always on the look out for stuff for CHEAP!

Each week we will take a look at the latest cute trends in fashion and style. We will find you all of the latest trends and gadgets and accessories for a cheap price. Check back often as we update frequently.

Some of the best and cheapest accessories are found on eBay. There are so many sellers who are selling handmade jewelry, handmade art and clothes for super cheap prices. I recently won a Vera Bradley make up bag for $.01. Had to pay shipping of $3, but for a brand new makeup bag? I saved big on that one. Ebay is the best place to go for Christmas and when you are hunting for that special gift to get someone.

Then again, maybe this dumpster diving plan (don’t know those people) might work for you? Haha. No way! I’d rather get the cheap prices right from my home, sitting on my behiney.

Another great place to shop is TJMAXX online. They have a lot of name brand clothing, bags, shoes and accessories for super cheap! Much cheaper than the store prices, but obviously to get items marked down even more than cheap you will have to go inside a retail store.

‘Wish’ the app is a good place to look for cheap products. The only problem with ordering clothes from this website is that the clothes in person are usually not exactly as pictured. Often on the clothes you receive, the fabric is much more sheer, cheaply made, or a different color. Or worse yet, the size is way off . This site can be valuable though for other products that can’t look much different in pictures, like a watch, a phone case, or a pillow, even a bag is usually straightforward. This app can be a valuable source for those types of cheap extras.

Another favorite shopping site is AliExpress. Sure the distributors live in China, but they sell some really cool stuff for absolute bottom prices. They can make huge profits from their side of our American dollars since US dollars convert well for their country. This is another site that you have to be sure exactly what you are getting. Often clothing on their mannequins in the pictures are not the same as what is in the pictures of the pretty girls.

Thredup (go to the remade section) and Swap.com are two places to get used clothes for cheap. These are two great places where you can get girls’ and boys’ clothes at cheap prices. Or for your teenager who likes to constantly change clothes, this is his/her perfect place for cheap clothes and shoes. Your teen can sell some of their clothes and earn a bit of pocket change too.

Amazon has many items that are perfect to fix up your whole life. With the Amazon Prime Membership you can get whatever your heart desires with a few clicks of a button.

If you time your shopping trip just right then you can get some really good deals at Belks, Dillards and Macy’s. Sometimes they have an end of the season 70% off rack. If your child is a predictable grower you will be able to pick him/her out some seasonal outfits for cheap. It just takes a bit of parsing through of all the different sizes.

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